Episode 13

Published on:

29th Apr, 2023

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About the Podcast

Women of Rock
Join hosts Tammy Holzer and Kimberly Gunn for conversations about their favorite bands and artists, live concerts, what's happening in the world of music, and much more!
The Women of Rock is a music podcast all about rock music and the goings on in the world of rock hosted by Kimberly Gunn (Zoomcatchers) and Tammy Holzer (LightwaveLive YouTube Channel.

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Kimberly Gunn

Zoomcatchers is a remote production, virtual event and podcasting company!

We host podcasts across a variety of areas including science, music, and arts and culture.

The Women of Rock is hosted by Zoomcatchers Kimberly Gunn and LightwaveLive's Tammy Holzer. WOR is a podcast all about the goings on in the world of rock!